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First Flight! of Verlocity N6Q

Hi A  ll!

On 5/18 I completed assembly and W&B of my FITH homebuilt -- a Velocity RG
Elite.  N6Q required two years and 2,200 hrs construction time.  For my
Velocity with a Franklin-IVOprop, no back seats, lots of IFR instruments
(including S-tec sys 50 autopilot), complete interior, and oil sump and
fuel sump full -- EW=1360 CG 128.4.  Not bad but heaver than I had wanted.

On 5/27, after inspection by THREE FAA inspectors, I recieved an Unlimited
Airworthiness.  For phase I flights, I got 25 hr and 40 NM.  I am working
with Nashville FSDO to get IFR added to Phase II and to remove
restrictions from densely populated areas, or in congested airways.  I
will let you all now how this turns out.

On the first taxi, I discovered the airspeed did not work.  A plug was
removed -- where it cane from I do not know.  The second taxi showed all
ok.  I back taxied and took to the air. 

Todays first flight lasted 30 min and every thing worked great.  With the
gear down (it was not raised during the flight) and at 120 kts, the cyl
temp's ranged between 120 to 150 C with the oil at 80C.

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 Long EZ N3R           Velocity N6Q