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RE: Pictures to down load

On 1998 May 30 Saturday 14:35, Ron Needham [SMTP:roncathy@ameritech.net] 

> Try sending any pictures as Bit map files that way you can easily
> view them with Paint brush or internet explore
> Just a thought

The problem with straight .BMP files is that they are uncompressed, and 
therefore consume the most disk space and transmission time. (They're also 
not routinely handled on Mac platforms.) The two most common compressed 
formats are .JPG and .GIF, which can both be viewed by nearly any web 
browser if you have no other means. The .JPG format uses a "lossy" 
compression algorithm, so it works better for photographs rather than line 
drawings. The .GIF format compression ratio is not as good as .JPG, but 
does not lose anything in the translation. Both are much, much smaller than 
the .BMP format.

 - Chuck