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RE: Pictures to down load

> From: Al Gietzen[SMTP:alventures@email.msn.com]
> Carl wrote

Actually, it was me, not Carl.

>> The .JPG format uses a "lossy" compression algorithm, so it works
>> better for photographs rather than line drawings.
> Isn't it the other way around?  I think you'll find for images with 
> GIF will give better image.

In theory, GIF will always give a better image, because its compression 
algorithm retains all the original information. However, in a photograph, 
the differences are nearly impossibe to see on even a large, high-res video 
system. Also, GIF is limited to only 256 colors, so even with lossy 
compression JPG usually comes out looking better (and a lot smaller) for 
photos. For line art, though, where you have sharp, distinct boundaries 
between graphic elements, JPG will turn those fuzzy, so GIF is a must.

As Al noted, BMP, although lossless, uses no compression, resulting in 
extremely large images and slow downloads. Since every browser supports GIF 
and JPG, and freeware image viewers and converters are readily available, 
there's really no excuse for ever shipping a BMP.

 - Chuck

P.S. IrfanView, a really nice, free (for private use) image viewer and 
converter can be found at:


I use it at work, so I paid him the 10 bucks.