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Re: NASA/Continental Diesel Engine - "Revoltin' Developments!"

Folks,  this blurb was excerpted from an AVweb newsletter a few weeks ago.
I deleted the newsletter; I'm not sure if it can be resurrected from AVweb.
 I copied the blurb about the diesel engine in its entirety; there was no

AVweb has a neat site, full of different aviation stuff; one of the
features is you can subscribe to their free weekly newsletter.  I have
their homepage bookmarked as:    http://www.avweb.com/  

If this doesn't work, try:     http://www.avweb.com/toc/avionics.html

At 05:19 PM 5/26/98 PDT, Rich & Lisa Maurer wrote:
>I'd like to read the whole article.  I tried looking it up, but I couldn't
>find it on the avweb page.  Would you happen to have a more specific URL,
>or could you give me a better idea of where to look on the avweb page?
>Thanx, much
>Rich Maurer
>> The following was taken from AVweb  <http://www.avweb.com>
>> [For those of you anxiously awaiting the new diesel engine]:
>> Like to be able to outfit your bird with an engine that costs half the
>> current going price, run it to a 3,000 hour TBO, then throw it away?
>> Teledyne Continental Motors is working on just such a thing under a 
>> NASA General Aviation Propulsion development contract, and this past week,
>> TCM president Bryan Lewis gave members of the Cessna Pilots Association,
>> meeting in Tucson, Ariz., more details.  The test engine is a two-stroke
>> lightly-turbocharged four-cylinder design with compression ignition and
>> high-pressure direct injection, and is designed to operate on Jet A
>> fuel.  Lewis adamantly refused to use the term "Diesel," but we will. 
>> Most shocking, TCM says the diesel engine is designed not to be
>> disassembled or overhauled, but rather, replaced when it reaches TBO.
>> (Lewis didn't elaborate on what happens if it doesn't reach TBO.) 
>> Copyright (C) 1998, The AVweb Group.