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NASA/Continental Diesel Engine - "Revoltin' Developments!"

The following was taken from AVweb <http://www.avweb.com>
[For those of you anxiously awaiting the new diesel engine]:

Like to be able to outfit your bird with an engine that costs half the
current going price, run it to a 3,000 hour TBO, then throw it away?
Teledyne Continental Motors is working on just such a thing under a NASA
General Aviation Propulsion development contract, and this past week,
TCM president Bryan Lewis gave members of the Cessna Pilots Association,
meeting in Tucson, Ariz., more details. The test engine is a two-stroke
lightly-turbocharged four-cylinder design with compression ignition and
high-pressure direct injection, and is designed to operate on Jet A
fuel. Lewis adamantly refused to use the term "Diesel," but we will.
Most shocking, TCM says the diesel engine is designed not to be
disassembled or overhauled, but rather, replaced when it reaches TBO.
(Lewis didn't elaborate on what happens if it doesn't reach TBO.)

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