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<< Right.  I've got an FGE.  I know the sump for the retract is a little 
 different.  Perhaps they would be able to recover a little more fuel.
 The ram air idea has me interested.  I could do the math, but someone
 here probably knows:  How much PSI is required to raise a fuel column
 one foot?  Would ram air from the outboard end of the strake be sufficient
 to evacuate the sump tank while in flight? >>

We used to have a water column device that was home built for testing low
pressure applications of a machine we were developing for coal pumping. The
top of an 8 foot colunm was approx. equal to 6psi. I could find out the proper
numbers but I din't think that will be needed as 1 foot of water will be less
than 1 psi.

Hope this helps,

Dale Alexander
173 RGE