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RE: REFLECTOR: fuselage leveling


I got a chuckle out of your jack description; it could have been mine. 
 Although after about a week, I attached a couple of broom handle clips I 
had sitting around in the shop to the side of the 4 x 4 so that I no longer 
needed to figure out where I last left the !#@$ hydraulic jack handles.


Joe Stack

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For the rest of the life of your airplane you're going to need a jack for
it; may as well make it now.  I used a length of 4 x 4 and made a base of 4
triangles cut from a 1 x 12 attached to the sides of the 4 x 4.  Mount a
hydraulic jack on top.  Glue a piece of carpet to a 4" length of 4x, drill 
shallow hole in one side to fit over the head of the jack for a nice pad 
the wing (spar) to rest on.  Make a similar stand for the other side with a
height just about right to fit under the spar without a jack.  Put the 
stand under one side (maybe with a spacer if needed) and the jack stand
under the other and adjust the jack for leveling.  Holds the plane up 
for wing attaching, gear tests; whatever.

Hope this helps.

Al Gietzen

>i had fuselage leveled near perfect to mount spar several months ago (via
>horses), now that i am nearly ready to work on the fuel strakes, i would
>to have a better system this time to keep the fuselage level, any
>suggestions? it seems i remember someone placing cinderblocks with a jack
>under each side of the spar. i prefer not placing the fuselage on the gear
>i would like to be able to raise and lower if necessary. any suggestions
>details appreciated. chris brock xl-rg