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Re: REFLECTOR: Velocitys aren't hard to land, but...


It's great to hear how safe it felt inside your glass cacoon - despite the
last few harrowing seconds.  This speaks very well for Velocity.  Really
glad no serious injuries resulted.

I'm sure all of us want to learn about any mods that we can make to avoid
similar experiences in our own planes - so we look forward to learning from
your R & D with Scott and the factory.

As was evident when I spent a week building with you and Jim in your
hangar, I know safety is number one with both of you.  Thanks for being up
front with us about the details.  My bird's maybe six months away from taxi
testing, but I'll make sure it doesn't fly until we have a bullet proof
solution to what appears to be a possible systems weakness.

I'm really glad to see Alan Shaw's attitude is to err on the side of
caution, even though this failure appears to be rare.  Given that still
less than 100 Velocities are flying (is that number a good guess?) a two
percent incident rate on this system tells me there's a need for

All the best,

Dennis Martin