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Re: REFLECTOR: Velocitys aren't hard to land, but...


> During the flight from Midland to Tucson, I sensed the development of a slight
> slack or play in the pitch control. 
> I called Scott Swing and described the symptoms. I asked him if I had to take
> off the canard to get to the fore end of the torque tube. He suggested to add
> washers or a spacer to the aft end of the aileron torque tube which is easier
> to get to. 
> When I flared, nothing happened despite me pulling the stick
> till it bottomed out. 
> It was determined that the fore bushing or bearing which holds the aileron 
> torque tube in place and that was designed to take up the axial forces exerted 
> by the elevator control was dislodged. The tube was prevented from sliding 
> further back by a bolt that holds a spacer.

Thank you so much for your detailed description of the accident. I can imagine
how painful it must be to think about right now. So glad you escaped unhurt!

I have a few more questions if you're willing: The bearing which became
dislodged -- was that located in the keel just below the instrument panel?
Also, can you be more specific as to the location of the bolt which prevented
further sliding of the aileron torque tube? Did the temporary fix Scott
suggested hide the real problem? Would you have seen the displaced bearing if
you had removed the canard in Tucson?

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor