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Oil Cooler Installation

Folks, I'm still concerned about installing the oil cooler in my RG-E with
the oil connections on the bottom.  This is the worst possible way to
install it, because it is not self-venting, meaning air can get trapped in
the top portion of the cooler.  The flowing oil will simply bypass the
trapped air, following the path of least resistance, which is directly out
of the bottom part of the cooler to the outlet.  In a setup like this you
need a separate vent line at the top of the cooler to keep it filled with

The best arrangement is always to have the inlet at the bottom and the
outlet at the top.  I think this is the way the fixed gear Velocity is set
up.  When the cooler was relocated to make room for the retractible nose
gear, the cooler connections wound up at the bottom.  This is nice from an
oil line routing viewpoint, but is terrible from an air venting standpoint.
 QUESTION(1):  has anyone devised a way to make this arrangement self-venting?

The second-best arrangement would be to have both connections on top.  This
gives a better chance of the flowing oil being able to purge air out of the
cooler.  Since oil is heavier than air, oil will eventually fill up the
cooler, and the oil flow will prevent air from becoming trapped in the top
of the cooler.
QUESTION(2):  is there any reason why this is not feasible?  Would the oil
fittings, oil lines, etc, interfere with something else?  Has anyone tried

I am inclined to try installing my cooler with the connections on top, but
I don't want to learn the hard way that the connections or oil lines are
now interfering with something else (like access to the canard), forcing me
to re-do it.

PS: Sorry for re-opening a previously much-discussed issue.  

Pete Beaty.