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Re: Rudder Talk

Simon Aegerter wrote:
> >Question 1:  Among Velocity builders already flying, what is your current
> >rudder deflection, and have you had any problems?  I can get 3 1/2" of
> >travel
> Dennis:
> that sounds like an awful lot. I even doubt if my rudders have that much
> chord. I'm a little too far away to go measure, but my (t)rusty old memory
> tells me the deflection is more than one but less than two inches. (Jim??)
> I did try a few slips at a safe altitude, but not very agressively. In any
> case I never stalled a winglet yet.
> Best
> Simon
> Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland

Simon, I didn't measure the rudders, however I can probably get 3 or
more inches of travel if I pull the cable.  Once attached to the pedals
this travel will be restricted by the pedal travel to something less.

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