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Re: Speed Brake Installation


It has been a while.  I believe it depends on the angle it is attached how
much bushings your are using when attaching to the console and the speed

I have done something a little different than in the manual.  This was
suggested by someone in the VV some time ago, probably back in the 1-4
issue.  I took the end of the actuator that attaches to the speed brake and
tapped it to 10-28.  I then used the eyelet bolt that is used for the
control system, cut it down a little and used a nut to lock it in place.  I
was able to adjust the actuator so that the units shuts itself off right
when the speed brake is fully closed.  The nut locks the eyelet screw so the
actuator does not turn.  Works on the group, still 80% to go before flying.

My notes are at home, so is the manual, so I do not remember the right part
number I used.

If you need more information, please let me know.

Bob Kuc
173 FGE
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Date: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 4:19 AM
Subject: Speed Brake Installation

>I think the speed brake should be completely closed when the actuator is
>completely retracted.
>However, in my case, the speed brake is closed when the actuator is
>extended about 1 inch.
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