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RE: Elevators

> From: Steven R. Wooden [mailto:Wooden@navix.net]
> Subject: Elevators
> I am having some problems with the instructions and material
> concerning the
> covering of the elevators.  The instructions indicate that I am to cut the
> unidirectional cloth on a 45 degree bias to a length of 64 inches.  With a
> cloth width of 38 inches, this seems to be mathematically impossible.

If you have 38" wide UNI (like I do), you need ten pieces, not eight, and
each piece will be a little over 53" long. The original manual had it right,
the later one has it wrong, unless the UNI bolt width has changed in the
last five years. By the way, I built both elevators in one piece (outer ends
together), and didn't cut them apart until after they were finished out and
the hinges mounted. That made it easier to make sure all the hinge points
lined up, and required less cutting of the glass.

 - Chuck