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Re: Millenium Engine

Peter Beaty wrote:
> Folks, I contacted Dragon Aerospace Corporation about their rotary engine
> [they made a presentation at the Velocity tent at SunNFun].  Since there's
> some interest in this, I thought I'd share the reply.  I checked with the
> ever- humble Brian Michalk, who mumbled something about "the competition",
> but otherwise agreed that the rotary engine seemed to be a general-interest
> Reflector topic.  [Just kidding, Brian!].
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> >Peter,
> >
> >Thank you for your inquiry on the Millennium Engines.
> >
> >Yes, this engine is still in development.  The protoype will be running at
> >Oshkosh '98 if you happen to be there.  Look for the blue pyramid tent
> >between buildings A & C and next to the tower road.
> >
> >I anticipate full production of this engine for Experimental aircraft will
> >begin in December of this year.  We will certify this engine hopefully by
> >Oshkosh 2000.
> >
> >We are currently working with Duane Swing to have this engine adapted to the
> >entire line of Velocity aircraft.  We should introduce our engine in a
> >Velocity by Copperstate '98 and you should see quite a bit of press coverage
> >by October.  We anticipate a purchase price of around $15,000 for the 200HP
> >version of this engine.
> >
> >If you want to learn more about the performance and testing of this engine,
> >please visit the TERF website (our R&D company) at http://www.terf.com/
> >
> >I will keep your e-mail address on file and send our electronic newsletter
> >to you as updates are available.
> >
> >Thanks again!
> >
> >Rob Wisner
> >Chief Operations Officer
> >Dragon Aerospace Corporation
> >
> >

I passed this information to a close friend that knows a lot about Mazda
engines.  He was the lead driver for the factory Mazda team and his
company built the cars and engines.  His comment on 200 HP at 2900 shaft
RPM from a MAZDA rotary is "no way" so you better see this thing on a
dyno before you put down your money.  The best factory 3 rotor racing
engine set up for endurance racing (non turbo) produced 475 HP.  The 600
HP is possible but at very high RPMs and there is an absolute limit to
the turbo boost of 10 psi.

As far as the Velocity Chevy 350 C.I. V8 replacing an IO-540 I would
sure love to know what type of components they intend to use in the
engine.  By the time you get a reliable 300 HP continuous you will have
the cost of the IO-540 in racing parts not to mention the machining,
magnafluxing, etc.  A basic off the shelf 350 Chevy won't stand up for
very long at continuous output.  Most auto engines live in the 25% of
rated power range for their life.

I've helped build them, built them and blown them up, been there done
that.  Ask Dennis Martin what it takes to build a real racing engine and
detune it to 350 hp.


// James F. Agnew
// Tampa, FL
// Velocity 173 FG Elite ( http://www.VelocityAircraft.com/ ) under