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Millenium Engine

Folks, I contacted Dragon Aerospace Corporation about their rotary engine
[they made a presentation at the Velocity tent at SunNFun].  Since there's
some interest in this, I thought I'd share the reply.  I checked with the
ever- humble Brian Michalk, who mumbled something about "the competition",
but otherwise agreed that the rotary engine seemed to be a general-interest
Reflector topic.  [Just kidding, Brian!].

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>Thank you for your inquiry on the Millennium Engines.
>Yes, this engine is still in development.  The protoype will be running at
>Oshkosh '98 if you happen to be there.  Look for the blue pyramid tent
>between buildings A & C and next to the tower road.
>I anticipate full production of this engine for Experimental aircraft will
>begin in December of this year.  We will certify this engine hopefully by
>Oshkosh 2000.
>We are currently working with Duane Swing to have this engine adapted to the
>entire line of Velocity aircraft.  We should introduce our engine in a
>Velocity by Copperstate '98 and you should see quite a bit of press coverage
>by October.  We anticipate a purchase price of around $15,000 for the 200HP
>version of this engine.
>If you want to learn more about the performance and testing of this engine,
>please visit the TERF website (our R&D company) at http://www.terf.com/
>I will keep your e-mail address on file and send our electronic newsletter
>to you as updates are available.
>Thanks again!
>Rob Wisner
>Chief Operations Officer
>Dragon Aerospace Corporation