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Re: Temperatures

Bob Ginsberg wrote:

> Mike,
> It would seem to me that 220 on climbout and 190-195 on cruise are not
> high at all!  In fact, too low is not good as it prevents the water from
> being evaporated out of the oil.
> Anybody else?

In the Lyc manuel it says you don't get your 200 horses until the oil is 200
and the CHT's are 400.    Most people don't close there CHT baffling down
this far so they have temp reserves for climb, engine problems and TBO.I
have a friend who is very proud of his RV-4 oil temps always 170 but I don't
think that's good for water evaporation or lubrication.  My Maule came from
the factory in the winter with a plate covering half the oil cooler and
instructions to remove in the summer.