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Re: Temperatures

Hi Simon,

Oil temperature still high on climb out  (220F  using 110KIAS climb speed)
and 190F - 195F at cruise.
After resealing the plenum, CHT's are all witnin 20F of highest which is
still #4 at  398F at climb out,
but quickly drops to  230F at cruise.

As stated, my  motor was just upgraded by IVO, thanks for the concern, I
will keep an eye on it.
My problem is the brushes, they seem to last only  6 hours.  I replaced one
of the brush with a carbon unit taken from a BMW alternator, so far the
wear on it is far less than the "IVO" brush.  I keep the rings clean and 
oil free . The run out test on the rings were OK.

Do you know exactly which part is failing on these motors ??.

Mike Watson
Velocity Elite RG  Franklin/IVO