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Re: TAXES!!??

I live in Denver and registered my AC around the 1st of the year.  I was 
pleased and somewhat suprised that I heard nothing from the state.  It 
would seem that there are some inconsistencies in Colorado.

>From: Jeffrey Clough <jclough@gateway.net>
>To: "'reflector@awpi.com'" <reflector@awpi.com>
>Subject: TAXES!!??
>Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 15:58:03 -0600
>Hey Folks... I don't know if anyone has touched on this subject =
>before....I just registered my 173RG with the FAA (not yet flying) and 
>subsequently rec'd a letter from the Colorado Dept of Revenue stating =
>they had obtained records from the FAA that I had purchased a homebuilt 
>aircraft and that I need to provide proof that sales tax was paid on 
the =
>purchase of the aircraft or they will assess a tax based on the market 
>value of the aircraft. I have 20 days to respond .........  do we owe =
>sales taxes on aircraft of which we are the manufacturers?   Any other 
>builders here in Colorado rec'd this letter after registering their =
>aircraft????      THANX   JEFF CLOUGH,                                   

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