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Re: fillers

> From:          Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net>

> > I'm curious if anyone has found a source for the plastic microballons
> > that Don Ballets mentioned at Oshkosh.
> Don was probubly refering to West Systems 410 microlight filler.   This is a
> thermoplastic sphere that we get from Lewis marine supply 800-432-2158.  All

That might be it, though you'd think he'd remember West Systems as 
the maker.

> are building your own wings you need to order a  4 lb box which list for
> $174.50.  It will more than pay for itself in primer savings much less the huge

Gulp! I hope 4lbs goes a _long_ way!

> reduction in labor and weight.

I can see how it'd make a lighter fill than glass microballons, but 
how is it easier to work with?

> It CAN NOT be mixed with the EZ poxy or any other resin containing styrene.

That would make sense, since PVC dissolves in styrene. So it would 
work with Alpha or possibly even West. (Haven't opened my West epoxy 

> We start bulk fill on hand made wings with 3M silica ballons (never use

Why not use the plastic baloons? Expense? I'd think you'd want the 
lightest filler for the bulk fill.

David Parrish