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Re: Nav lights


I'm like you in many ways when it comes to "short-falls" of engineering,
design and forethought on the Velocity kit.  My advice to you:  STICK TO
YOUR GUNS!  I too have stirred the Velocity pot by suggesting things that
they were not happy to hear about (questionable Elite body stiffness) and
frankly I don't give a damn.  I nor you are out to make the factory mad, but
sometimes they seem sensitive to issues that may question their ability.
There are no perfect designs in anything....period!  You nailed it on the
head by saying that the factory is not "experts" on all aspects of the build
or design process, however, they have valuable experience that is helpful as
do many other builders.  

I still think the best approach to solving "potential problems" of kit
designs is collecting the composite solution based on opinions from:
1) Velocity (East & West)
2) Other builders (of all type planes)
3) Other kit plane factories 
4) Professionals within aerospace & structural engineering

Get as many opinions as you can and take the information of each to draw
your final conclusion.  VELOCITY  is a SOURCE not the RULE.  To their
credit, the Velocity (west & east) have been more than willing to addresss
each of my questions completely until I understand it thoroughly (and I've
had some silly ones). 

Don't edit your thoughts!  It will only diminish their content and reduce
their meaning and affects.  Destructive criticism is not the way either, but
I've not ever really seen any of that here.

Blaze on.

Nate Calvin