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Fri Jan 29 10:55:40 CST 2016

Did any of you experience clearance issues between the aileron bellcrank on the back of the keel plate and the main gear cylinder piston?I'm doing test-fits of my keel now and I have zero clearance - sometimes it interferes with the movement of the bellcrank.
I've got the middle of the bearing to the crank 1" below the top of the inside of the keel per the manual.
Solutions I've thought of but don't like:1) raise the keel plate. If I raise it past its current recommended position it is no longer flush with the back of the keel2) lower the main gear cylinder bracket by digging out some of the hardpoint3) shim the back of the keel up a bit 
If you had this issue, how did you resolve it?
Thanks,Chris DavisDMO-066
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