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Please upload your pictures into the appropriate directory.
Wherever major differences exist between Velocity models (a
retract XL is very different than an SUV), please create a
directory called model_differences so that users will know
you are demonstrating pictures that apply to a specific design.
Please give your name, and a comment for each picture uploaded
that includes the Velocity model, and what the picture is about.

Example: B. Michalk: Elite/FG: This is a picture of me making layups.
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77LY cracked egg look Shea XLRG: Painted wing still in the booth.
Steiner Velocity - N111VX - Deception is cloaked in white pearl.  Areas appear as if they were burnt away during atmospheric re-entry revealing the alien spacecraft below. Shea XLRG: Freshly painted door. This is when all that sanding & filling finally pays off. Shea XLRG: Temporary