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From Jim_Agnew_2@Yahoo.Com

This is a picture of the front of the engine bulkhead clearly showing the sump tank and the connections.  When you look at the second picture showing the inside of the sump tank from the front everything will be clear.

The two large #6 Airquip SS lines coming down the right & Left gear bulkheads are the fuel lines from the main tanks to the back top of the sump tank.  Out of the top rear of the tank the #4 is the vent line (left in the picture) that goes up to the center of the aluminum vent manifold.  The two blue silicone lines to the vent block are 3/8 vent lines that go to two separate vent tubes, for redundancy, about 6 apart that exit just forward of the engine bulkhead.  The center blue tube is a water drain for the overhead vent system.  Off each end of the vent block are #4 Airquip vent lines going to the L & R tanks.  The top right #6 Airquip is the fuel line from the pickup to the fuel filter. BKM 2006.  Picture of optical fuel level sensor in sump.
Drill out old 1/2 inch sensor, install bushing, insert new 3/8 Looking at the sump from behind, you can clearly see how it's mounted.
From Jim_Agnew_2@Yahoo.Com

This is a picture of the inside of the sump tank from the front.

Starting at the top left is the VENT LINE connection.  Top right is the FUEL PICK UP TUBE that sends the fuel to the fuel filter (Large white canister on the upper right of the prior picture) then to the boost pump.  The pickup tube looks like it is touching the bottom of the tank, however, it is about 1/16 at the front off the bottom.  The bottom of the pickup is cut upward at the rear to about  clearance.

The two holes in the top rear of the tank are the FUEL INLET HARD POINTS from the main tanks.


Please note that I machined all of these fittings and hard points out of 6061-T6 aluminum and tapped them to the appropriate NPT sizes for the AN screw in fittings to connect the Airquip lines.

Four foot view.  Sensor (beige color) is behind sump, between blue and yellow hose.