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RE: REFLECTOR: Reticulated Foam/Fuel Tanks


I am also in a 2 car garage in New Rochelle, NY.


I just spoke to the people @ Crest Foam who referred me to  a distributor 
"New Dimension Industries" (201-641-4944)  They sell the foam on a "sliding 
scale" starting at $46/cubic foot.  I spoke to a Ray Delgado who is 
forwarding (Email) a price list.  I also asked about some "preferred 
pricing" if I could organize a purchase from multiple builders.  They will 
cut to shape (if the tanks are open) or cut 2x2x2" cubes that you can insert 
via the cap.

I will forward the pricing sheet as soon as received.

Larry Epstein
173 FGE

>I'm glad you can smile after the slow builder remark.  Somedays I seem 
>most I seem slow.
>I'm working in a two car garage so I need to sequence my steps very
>carefully.  I'll be building the canard to fuselage connecting pads 
>Then the pilot-side strake is the last structural item on the list.
>"3 years from today" still seems about right.
>ps; where are you located (besides cyberspace)?

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