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REFLECTOR: Velocity, Accident at Santa Monica, KSMO

Just returned from a 4 day trip to Baja, Mexico and while landing at
Santa Monica, Calif. I saw the debris from a accident at the airport. By
standers reported to me that a Velocity aborted a take off and lost
control and hit two parked planes. The Velocity was totaled and there
were no injuries. The one parked plane, a Cessna 152, was badly damaged.
Another Cessna had significant wing damage.

The people at the field said the man and woman emerged remarkably
uninjured from what they thought was a killer accident. The plane was
white with blue markings. That's all I know. Sorry to hear of the loss
of one of our planes but happy there were no injuries.

Chris Martin
Velocity XL RG
90% done - 90% to go