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REFLECTOR: XL Flight Testing

Just to let you know that the first Velocity flying In Australia is just
about to finish it's 25 hour flight testing requirement before registering
as one of the country's first "Experimental Category" aircraft - it is
certainly the first canard to be registered that I am aware of.

I has the real pleasure of spending 1.5 hours on a sunny Saturday afternoon
cruising the skys south west of Sydney with the owner. The XL is raising a
considerable amount of interest in the local area and on  one day got
mobbed be around 50 people all wanting to know more...it is a pity serious
prospects don't come in a different colour to "tyrekickers"!

The XL flies exactly as expected but there is some doubt about what it's
true topend performance is likely to be. Would other IO360 XL RG owners
give some idea of what speeds they have got out of their birds please?

Greg Poole
(Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
Velocity Aircraft Australia/NZ