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Re: REFLECTOR: N19DW Accident, Probable Cause

> You know what the first thing is I'm gonna do when I meet my dream machine
> again (well, other than fit the new wings and hang the engine)? Yes, I'll
> replace the cross-feeding vent lines with 3/8" ones (i.d.!) - at least. I
> don't think I can bet my life on sealing the fuel caps each and every


Instead of replacing what you currently have, why not just add 3/8" id to
the fuel tanks.  You can either tie them in or run seperate ones up and then
down to the outside.  When you install it, you can install them just past
the bulkheads.  This way, you don't have to worry about the small ones in th
tank already, and when you have a nose lower situation, your vent line will
be clear.  By keeo\ping them seperate, you should have no cross venting
problems.  You always will hve the original ones there if needed.


173 LWE