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Re: REFLECTOR: Velocity Accident N19DW


Very glad you walked away to tell about it.
May God continue to smile on you, and us all for that matter !

Jeff Barnes

"Donald R. WHITE" wrote:
> About 10am on Tues June 15 th, I was about 10 miles west of St Lucie
> Florida at 1500ft when I suddenly lost fuel pressure and engine power. I
> turned to St Lucie airport and turned on boost pump. For a couple of
> minutes power returned then started loosing again. I called St Lucie,
> declared an emergency and they gave me straight in 14. About 4 miles out I
> knew I could not make it, so told them was attempting to land on Interstate
> 95 going north. Was at 80 kn, gear down and lining up between cars.
> Suddenly, straight ahead were 5 or 6 big wires. I pulled back on stick but
> one wire caught nose gear and another the windshield.The wires catching
> airplane caused it to rotate nearly 180degrees in mid air. Plane then
> slammed down hard on road surface GOING BACKWARDS. The strong Velocity
> structure protected me very well. I have one bruise on right arm where the
> flying handheld GPS hit me. Also a slight back strain which I am convinced
> could have been a serious back injury if not for the TEMPERFOAM in the
> bottom of the seats. Wires were not live and no cars were involved.Airframe
> is probably a total loss.
> Two theories on cause: Blocked fuel filter or mechanical fuel pump
> failure.If blocked fuel filter, STRONGLY RECOMMEND, all Velocities recently
> flown or with original fuel filter, CHECK AND/OR REPLACE YOUR INLINE FUEL
> FUEL FILTER if not done recently. Finally STRONGLY RECOMMEND all Velocities
> use TEMPERFOAM or an exact equivilant (NOT ANY REGULAR FOAM) in seat
> bottoms. It could save your back and is definitely more comfortable on long
> flights
> Will report back on Reflector when we find exact cause.
> Don White  N19DW  (temporarily grounded).