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Re: REFLECTOR: fuselage leveling post & jack(s)


> before building the 4x4 post w/ hydraulic jack, i wanted to ask those of you
> that did, how sturdy was the plane getting in and out? 

Plenty sturdy for me. That, of course is determined buy the materials you use
and by the size of your base. 

> did you also need a hydraulic jack for the nose to set the level proper along w/ 
> the 1 hydraulic jack for one of the wing spars, 

Yes. At $10 per jack I did not see this as a problem. 

> also, did you cut lopsided triangles to fit against the post and floor? 

Yes. The triangles are 3/4 plywood. 

> what did you use to attach triangles to post? 

3" long "screw nails" AND construction adhesive. 
You don't want the triangles coming loose. 

Dave Black