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Re: REFLECTOR: Velocity Racer

Actually, they gave him his own class, so he placed first.  But with the
rules committee, first doesn't count (no cash prize, no corvette) unless
there are at least three running in the class.  So I'm sure next year
Don will have somebody to fly with.

BUT CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE !!!  First is First, and Don has proudly
pioneered the 540cu canard class (or whatever they called it).

HURRAY DON !   And by the way, the timings are from a dead stop takeoff
roll (0 kts in the avg).

Jeff Barnes
XL-RG N411JB still tied up in the performance shop

marion sparrow wrote:
>  Congrautations to  Donald White for his race at Sun "Fun, this is the
> first Velocity raced that I ever heard of.   He placed 6th 182.22kts.
> Its in Sport Aviation,  this must be a first...
> marion sparrow