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Re: REFLECTOR: Need advice on air scoop

From:           	"Al Gietzen" <alventures@email.msn.com>

> Sounds like an interesting  installation.  I had pondered also whether using
> heater core and fan would sufficiently augment cooling to handle the taxiway
> problem.

What might be better is a GM AC evaporator. They're aluminum, light and 
very efficient. Lots of people use them as their _radiators_ in aircraft 

> I'm sure you know that this is no simple problem, and has a lot more
> variables than you've given.

Amen!  Cooling system design isn't easy.

> As I understand inlet design, a NACA is most effective in converting dynamic
> pressure to static pressure under variable flow, whereas a ram scoop will
> give better max flow for the same inlet area, but less pressure off its
> design point as it spills air.  If you will have flow through this scoop at
> all times, you may wish to use a ram scoop.

Just as long as the scoop is well faired, like the P-51's. Air spilling out of a 
too big scoop and/or too restrictive core isn't quite as bad as it sounds in 
terms of drag, but a bigger scoop still adds to the flat plate drag of the 

David Parrish

> Good luck.
> Al Gietzen