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Re: REFLECTOR: Franklin Carburetor

Jeffrey M. Clough wrote:
> Hey Donald....  I turned my carb around to match the install diagrms
> w/o any problems.....but I have not yet hooked up engine
> controls........ JEFF C.
Hi Guys,

Looks like I'm one step ahead of both of you. I first rotated the
Carburetor 90 degrees then discovered the mixture control was going to
interfere with the R.G. Sump tank, even with the extension. I rotated
the carb another 90 degrees. I've ordered 164" throttle control (8"
longer). I wanted vernier mixture so I ordered a 154" one (2" shorter).
I've installed 5/8" - #10 braided SS oil lines from the front oil cooler
to the engine (total cost, all fittings and shrink wrap, almost $400).
I'll determine the need for the second cooler later. The mixture and
throttle arms have 1/4" holes instead of 3/16" for the 10-32 bolts and
swivel bearing. Duane sent me 1" of .19 - .25 tubing to allow for the

I lent the engine hoist to another Velocity builder last week. On friday
the Sky-Tec starter arrived. I'll need it back to get the starter on.
The fuel system is done. The wiring to the engine is done. I'm hooking
up the engine sensors today. One snag, I still am waiting for the
exhaust pipes to arrive from Velocity. I picked up the funnels for the
cross over from the welder yesterday.

I can't decide weather to mount the vacuum pump on the front or the rear
accessory pad. Mounting it on the rear one would be a cooler place and
allow more air to flow out of the cowling.


Do you have a Woodward Prop Governor? I looks like a model 2098 ????

Carl Hoffman RGE N1QR