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RE: REFLECTOR: Autopilot

                             Dear Mr. Kim:
                       You have only two choices on autopilots for your 
Velocity.  One is a very inexpensive one made just for experimental 
airplanes and is the one we have in our XL demo airplane.  It is made by 
Nav-Aid.  It is totally electric and the panel unit mounts in place of your 
present turn and bank indicator.  There would not be a need to make any 
additional holes in your panel.  This is a roll only autopilot and can be 
coupled to your VOR or GPS for direct navigation.  The servo for the 
ailerons mount on the firewall on the engine side and is connected to one 
of the aileron bell cranks that exit out the wing root.  Installation is 
quite simple and can be done in about a day.  Price of this unit is 
                        Your other choice is an S-Tec model 20 (no pitch 
control) or the model 30 (with pitch control)  Both of these units are also 
installed in place of your present turn and bank and will require no add  
itional holes in the panel.  The servo is mounted the same as in the 
Nav-Aid unit.  There is a small remote unit that can be installed anywhere 
behind the panel.  Price on the system 20 is $3600.00 and the system 30 is 
$5330.00.  The pitch servo for the system 30 is mounted above the canard 
and will require the removal of the canard for this purpose.  The S-Tec 
autopilots can also be coupled to a heading bug that is a part of the 
directional gyro.  If your directional gyro doesn't have this feature, your 
present directional gyro would have to be replaced with one that has this 
                        The Century autopilots will require a vacuum source 
and I would not recommend this to you for this reason.
                        Sincerely,  Duane Swing

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