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REFLECTOR: Oil Separator & Angle of Attack IndicatorThe

The oil separator Jean and I designed is still working pefectly. I have
taken pictures and started drawings and hope to have info in 2 or 3 weeks.
(Am trying to get my interior finished for Sun-N-Fun) If you need info
sooner, send me E-mail note.

AOA - is installed, calibrated and working fine. I installed the 7 light
indicator bar vertically in front of and facing pilot. Top half of
indicator extends above top of instrument panel with bottom green light set
for 110 kn ranging to top (5th) green light set at 80 kn and top 2 red
lights start flashing at about 75 kn. Lights are easily seen while your
eyes are focused on runway for landing. (I tried mounting lights on top of
panel to reflect off windshield for HUD, but lights not bright enough to be
seen in bright sun light.) 
The AOA I believe would be most useful for new pilots, or in unusual
conditions such as heavy loads or strong windy gusty condtions where you
want to land or take-off at the minimum SAFE speed. Also would be more
accurate for best glide speed in event of loss of power. Rapid changes in
AOA are demonstrated when you do an accelerated turn or quick rotation on
take-off. This unit would obviously be very valuable on non-canard
airplanes where a stalled main wing at low altitudes is usually very
My unit is the Right-Angle II sold by EM Aviation (Elbie Mendenhall)
(360)260-0772 or www.riteangle.com. 
Don White  N19DW  approx 50 hrs on XL/RG