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Re: REFLECTOR: kerosene

In a message dated 2/12/99 8:46:24 PM Pacific Standard Time,
roncathy@ameritech.net writes:

> Last note though how would you check for delimitation with out

If you have a delamination, you probably wouldn't mind finding it as you pull
on the two layers. Better on the ground than in the air. I don't have a
formula for effort. But I do have a way to lay-up the likely suspects during

One the trailing edges, where you are anticipating a joining of top/bottom
skins, place a long thin piece of peel-ply down and lay-up onto that. For
example, when using the long straight edges for the wing trailing edge layup,
put the layer of duct tape down as a release agent for the aluminum and then
put a 2" wide, 14' long piece of peel-ply. Layup to that. When it cures,
remove peel-ply and your trailing edge is prepped for the other side layup
without sanding.

Hope this helps,

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing