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REFLECTOR: Lightning tip

If you can still do it, I would try to implement some sort of lightning
protection by doing the following.

Put a wire by your brake lines in the gear legs which you can tie into the
coax from your winglet antennas.  Attach the wire to your brakes or just
let it go near the ground without interfering with your brakes.  This way,
this might stop the lightning from traveling all the way up to your
instrument panel, frying all your radios and every thing metal, magnetizing
your engine, wasting all your wires and switches, burning your interior,
and possibly burning your entire airplane to the ground.  I believe it is a
miracle that my airplane did not burn to the ground after this experience. 
The damage to my airplane is extensive and if you can prevent this from
happening to your airplane, I would try it. 

By the way, I believe the lightning rumbled around for a while before it
exited the nose gear.