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REFLECTOR: Shims for canards, wings and things

Hi all,

I was looking around out in the shop today and I stumbled across something
that might be of use to fellow Velocity builders.

When I was racing, I would from time to time have my suspension rebuilt and
re-valved. The shocks were complex units that used shims of various
thicknesses and diameters to vary the damping characteristics. The people that
I used to deal with were Race-Tech down in Pomona, Calif.

For a very small price, shims can be purchased that vary in 1mm increments
from 8mm I.D. up to 19 or 20mm. The O.D. varies to anything that one needs
within reason (as far as shocks are concerned). The shims in stock vary in
thickness by any up to probably .050". These might be useful in shimming the
canard or wings. They don't make tapered shims, so I guess we're out of luck
there. But precision shims are so hard to find that I thought that this would
be a good source to bring to our attention.

Contact Race-Tech at 909-594-7755

Hope this helps...

Dale Alexander
173 RG Gull-Wing