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RE: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?

> From: owner-reflector@awpi.com [mailto:owner-reflector@awpi.com]On
> Behalf Of Benjamin David Cowan
> Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now? Gear Bulkhead straightening..
> Does anyone know if I can use EZ poxy hardener with the resin I
> already have (hexcel epolite)

The folks at EZ-Poxy said there's no problem mixing it with epolite - didn't
even have to clean out my pump when putting in the new stuff. Sounds like
your pump needs a rebuild, though. Rebuild kits are available from Spruce
and elsewhere.

> It's a fume or dust that I'm breathing and the reaction
> has something to do with my liver.

As I understand it, the liver damage is due to long term exposure to the
hardener. It's very unlikely the few hours of exposure you've had to the
fumes has caused any noticeable change in your liver. Wonder what's in those
other bottles ... Do you have a heater in your shop? Any chance it's sucking
up the oxygen?

 - Chuck