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RE: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?

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> Behalf Of Benjamin David Cowan
> Subject: Re: REFLECTOR: Which epoxy now?
> I've already had a couple of reactions to the stuff (old epolite)
> and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.. I've got gloves on
> and when I sand I wear a mask.

It's hard (maybe impossible) to find an epoxy with the same structural
qualities as Safe-T-Poxy or its descendents that isn't toxic in some

Many people have had serious adverse reactions to latex gloves. Instead of
real gloves, I'm using the barrier cream Invisible Gloves #1211. I had been
using a different cream, but got an adverse reaction to Alphapoxy resin
(!?). Haven't had any problems with any epoxy since switching to Invisible
Gloves. Available from Spruce, Wicks, etc.

I wonder if the queasiness might be from inadequate ventilation? I always
keep a fan going just to move air around in the shop while the epoxy is out.

 - Chuck