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REFLECTOR: Starter Update

Sky tek just informed me that our new starters will be delayed
another four to six weeks.

Their guy who they had do the casting mold wanted to do their
casting business.  When Sky Tek told him he was too expensive,
he gave them a runaround on delivering the mold that he had
developed for Sky Tek.  Sky Tek now has their mold and is
taking it to their regular casting guy.  

I told them I wanted some starters ASAP, and was able to get
my name on the top of their list.

Hold in there guys, I'll have some starters soon.

Brian Michalk  <http://www.awpi.com/michalk>
Life is what you make of it ... never wish you had done something.
Aviator, experimental aircraft builder, motorcyclist, SCUBA diver
musician, home-brewer, entrepenuer and SINGLE!