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Re: REFLECTOR: AOA perspective

At 10:41 PM 11/27/98 -0800, Al Gietzen wrote:
So I think its possible usefulness to us is to know when the canard is going to stall so we can make consistent landings which aren't any hotter than necessary (or not hot enough) for the conditions. So we need it on the canard; not the wing.

I thought the purpose of the RiteAngle AOA indicator purveyed by Velocity was to help produce consistent, flat, not-too-hot/not-too-cold approaches. The price seems "rite" ($299.99). I assume it is useful for a canard; Duane said he would not sell it until he had proven it worked on the Velocity.

I also assume the $1400 AOA is overkill for the Velocity. It's sorta like: "I'll spend 300 bucks to make my life easier; I don't really NEED it, and I certainly don't need it 1400 bucks worth, but for $300 the price is right!"


Installation of any system using differential pressure ports is not so easy in our canards, especially if we got the canard from our friends at Dynamic Wing. Or, if you haven't built your canard yet, a very inexpensive installation is a differential pressure gauge, a small pressure port (like a static port) on the leading edge of the airfoil, and another such port on the bottom of the airfoil 12 1/2% of the chord length from the leading edge. Measure the pressure difference between the two; calibrate it by marking the reading on your gauge just at the point of incipient stall of the airfoil.

What about you Velocity fliers (if any of you have read this far)? Would you like to have one of these on your airplane? I'd like your feedback, because I'm giving serious thought to making this installation.

Al, I guess you are describing a "poor man's version" of the $1400 AOA (?). I think I would like to have a good "value added" AOA. If the pressure ports you describe do the job adequately, for less money and without the external vane required by RiteAngle, then I'm interested!

Pete Beaty.