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Re: REFLECTOR: Update on Seat Foam

>The cushions are all pre-cut to fit the standard Velocity Elite trays
>and require only the round notch for the back of the seat where the duct
goes and the finial shaping of the top.


Somewhere down the line, Velocity changed the seat pans.  My 173 Elite seats
are different than yours.  I believe the back seats are the same however,
the front seatpans  are 14 1/2" across, while the back seat pans are 16".

I would image that the xl and the suv  both have the same 16" front and back
because of the extra room now.

Are the foam pads one piece across?  Do the sides have the formed side

When you get a chance, can you put a picture out there for everyone to see?

Bob Kuc
173 FGE