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REFLECTOR: Fuel lines and vent


We must be at about the same place.  I just put my fuel line in a couple of
days ago.

Wanting the line at the lowest point in the tank (assuming that our level
reference is close to cruise attitude; is it?) I put the feedthrough a few
inches back from the angled bulkhead.  This brings it into the fuselage a
few inches in front of the gear bulkhead; so it comes out of the tank,
through the gear bulkhead (below the horizantal bulkhead coming from the
lower spar flange) and around the leg and toward the sump tank connection.
It will take 4-5" of hose to make the connection.

I bent the tubing in the shape I wanted; and by having it go through the
fuselage side at a bit of an angle you can keep it close to the side of the
fuselage.  I snaked the curved part through the gear bulkhead, and was then
able to move it over and forward just enough to go through into the tank.

Make the hole through the fuselage large enough so the microglass can
completely surround the tubing.  Put some micro around the sides of the hole
before putting the tube in; and then force some more around after the tube
is in to fill any voids.

If you're not concerned about it being at the very lowest point, it may be
simpler to go through right at the corner at the leg well and fuselage and
in just above the horizontal bulkhead and around the back of the leg socket.
Depends on your geometry.

Was there ever a KPC or other notice regarding the vent plumbing?  I built
my sump tank many months ago and carefully tapped and installed the two 1/4"
elbows per the plans.  Of course now I find that they are not needed and I
get to have two plugs in my tank.

Hope this helps.

Al Gietzen

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On the RG std elite how do you run the 3/8 fuel line after it comes
thru fuselage?  Do you wrap the tubing around behind gear
bulkhead and around gear leg then 90 when it gets to the spar then
attach hose going to sump tank? Or do I run fuel hose from the line
that comes inside the fuselage to tank.