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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel Tanks

Martin- are you saying that grounding is unnecessary, or is it only needed
for spam cans and rag wings?
  I heard the Swings burned a Velocity.  I believe they were removing fuel
from one under construction. I have heard that other composite planes have
caught on fire due to static, but no specifics. As usual I have erred on the
side of caution.  -Bill

prototype 'Super' Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works
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Date: Wednesday, November 04, 1998 8:21 AM
Subject: REFLECTOR: Fuel Tanks

>I must not be using the right keywords in my database searches, so can
>somebody out there tell me how many composite airplanes of any make have
>caught fire during refueling due to static spark ignition?
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