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Re: REFLECTOR: Re:variable scoops

Hi David i did install a flap at the oil cooling inlet on my xlrg 300 and
flown over 200 hres,i was using this flap on take off and climb to improve
the oil cooling and been able to maintain a high angle of climb without
having a high oil temperature.On steady climb at 110 knots the oil
temperature was maintening at 200 degre fa. and during cruising this flap
was close by and control vernier.I sold my velocity to a SanFrancisco
gentlemen and i already building an other one and i will install again the
oil cooler flap and also the scoop engine cooling flap it was also very
useful at high altitude and during cool temperature.
Good luck
Jean Prudhomme

P.s. if you need picture let me know by std e-mail

> From: David Brown <velcty@earthlink.net>
> To: reflector@awpi.com
> Subject: REFLECTOR: Re:variable scoops
> Date: Thursday, October 29, 1998 11:34 AM
> I've been reading all of the posts about variable air scoops...
> Does anyone remember the door that opens on top of the Piper Seneca
> cowl for the A/C condensor when the A/C is running. I was wondering if a
> door like that on the bottom of the velocity cowl would work as an added
> cooling air source for engine and/or oil cooling. Kinda like a pilot
> operated cowl flap/scoop.
> Anybody got any experience like this?
> Dave Brown