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REFLECTOR: Fuel sight guages

An alternative idea to the tubing provided with the kit is to use clear
sch.40 PVC in 1/2" O.D.  The I.D. is .33.  Cut the nipple flange end off the
3/8 fitting which leaves about a .37 diameter.  Ream (carefully drill) out
the tube just a bit. Sand the fitting; micoglass tube to fitting.

You could do something similar with acrylic.  I'm not sure which is
stronger; but my guess is that the PVC may be slightly more flexible and
less likely to get fractured.  Anybody know?

You can get the PVC tube from Aircraft Spruce for $1.20 a foot.

FWIW (for what it's worth; Alan), I've decided to put a sight guage in only
the right tank where it can be seen with a turn of the head, and a
capacitance sender and panel guage for the left tank. Along with a fuel
totalizer, I think this gives me all the information and redundancy I could

Al Gietzen