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Re: REFLECTOR: Starter

Jim Agnew wrote:
> Brian, to ease the sticker shock on the National Air Parts Alternator
> you might want to refer people to the following WEB pages;
> http://www.nationalairparts.com
> My actual installation;
> http://www.nationalairparts.com/velocity.html
> I was in contact with these people for over a year and you can believe
> me that this alternator may look like a standard car alternator,
> however, it took major modifications to get it to its current
> configuration.  You might also want to point out that it is a complete
> kit of quality components including terminals, circuit breakers, over
> voltage control & relay, clamps, just add wire.
> Ask Jack for a list of the modifications necessary to get this unit to
> an aircraft quality unit.  I'll bet that few people realize that the
> fans in car alternators turn the wrong way for adequate cooling.
> I'm really glad to see you offering top quality components as options
> for those that really need and appreciate the reliability.
> Jim
> Brian K. Michalk wrote:
> >
> > National Air Parts sent me their demo alternator last week,
> > andlast night I visited Alan Lundeen to try the fit on his
> > Franklin installation.  Everything looks good for this alternator
> > except for the price.  It's gonna cost about $700.
> >
> > For those of you wanting certified installations, this is for you.
> > For those with sticker shock, I suggest the automotive alternative.
> >

Perhaps the tone of my post regarding the National Air Parts
alternator did not come out right.

Here's what I wanted it to sound like:
I got the National Air Parts alternator in, and it looks very nice.
It hasa two year or 600 hour warranty (I'm quoting this from memory,
so this may not be correct) with excellent instructions.  It is lightweight,
has an internal fan for cooling the electronics and is small.
It has been matched to the RPM duty of the Franklin.
There is a provision for an alternator warning light, and instructions
for installing a runaway voltage regulator cutout.

This is the only alternator that New Aviation will be offering.
The cost is a little high though.  For those who cannot see their way clear to
spending $700 on an alternator should probably check out some automotive

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