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Re: REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

Like Dave, I installed guides as a preventative measure. Somewhere along the
line I heard that the spinning nose wheel can act as a gyroscope.
  This may not apply to others, but I usually hold a plane on and rotate at
a slightly  higher speed than published. I don't know about canards in
general, but some individual planes may need higher speeds than others to
get the nose off.
 There are times when the tower wants the runway cleared quickly. A sharp
turn at low level before the wheel has spun down much- my understanding is
that precession will apply sideways force at the rim of the wheel opposite
the fork pivot. Maximum leverage. Maybe it's not a problem, but it is easy
to eliminate the possibility.
  My guides are more extensive than those in VV as I decided to cover the
area swept by the fork's arc. Partly aethetics as well. I used plywood with
glass facing which can be stiffer and lighter than equivalent  solid
lass.  -Bill

prototype 'Super' Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works