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REFLECTOR: Nose gear guide

Just wondered if I was missing something here.  I see the "Nose Gear Guide"
as a KPC in the latest Velocity Views. With the nose wheel pivot drag
adjusted according to spec, I'm guessing it would take about a 3 G direct
side load to change the orientation of the wheel in the well. No way to get
anything approaching that; short of (sorry) crashing.

I ran a few test cycles retracting the gear with the wheel slightly turned.
Dragging on the side of  the door opening straightened it going in.  Found
no problem subsequently extending the gear.

Has anyone experienced gear not going down because the wheel was turned? We
know of at least one nose gear up landing where the guide was a contributing

BTW; for those of you who haven't been there yet; fitting the gear wells,
fuel bulkheads and baffles can be a tedious, time-consuming and
not-so-enjoyable job.  Suggest beggining the job with an attitude of
patience and endurance.

Al Gietzen   RGE