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Re: REFLECTOR: Elevator wells and airflow


> I don't remember if it was Alan Shaw, Mark Machado or Duane Swing that I heard
> this from. If the surface of the elevator well in the rear most portion of the
> canard is left unfilled i.e. with the tri-ax surface as rough as possible, the
> elevators will work better as the airflow is enhanced.

Our first proto type was done that way.

>  I would like
> to "roughen up" the surface again.

I tape off around were I want rough and spray urethane paint, sprinkle non-iodized
salt,  spray more paint on top then  peel tape.

> US Paint, the makers of the 545 primer that Alan likes

I've switched to Sherwin Williams Ultra Fill II for final prime because it covers
and flows better with half the paint.  You can get it in any color including